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Food: Science, Politics, Action!

We hear from the country’s leading expert on food politics, Marion Nestle, on the food industry’s influence, genetically engineered and cloned food, and much more. Then food author, educator and advocate Anna Lappé tells us why GMOs won’t feed the world, and how organic farming can alleviate the climate crisis. And Rebecca Spector of the Center for Food Safety gives us updates on the latest food fights in Congress and the states.

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Bay Area foodies, don’t forget the CEH gala event on Thursday, May 8, with keynote speaker Dennis Kucinich! Check the website for tickets and more information.

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Gulp, with Mary Roach!

MaryRandcowWhy wouldn’t Kafka’s father look at him over breakfast? What does periblepsis mean? Why does Mary Roach have her arm inside a cow’s stomach? How did I make Mary cry? These and many more questions are answered in our delightful conversation with Mary Roach, whose latest book Gulp: Adventures on the Alimentary Canal is just out in paperback. Plus, we talk to science writer Virginia Hughes about recent research on the connections between gastric bypass surgery, gut bacteria and weight loss.

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