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Blinded By Science

geoengineering-balloon-conceptIn this episode, three stories of science gone wrong: distorted science, unethical science, and just plain nutty science. We learn about geoengineering and take a geoengineering quiz—can you guess which is NOT a real proposal to cool the planet? Then we hear how companies that make flame retardant chemicals distorted a major scientific study—for decades. And science and human rights collide in the Grand Canyon.

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We speak to Jim Thomas of the ETC Group, who has been closely following geoengineering and the exploits of a maverick geoengineer named Russ George. Next, Dr. Vyto Babrauskas is one of the country’s premier fire safety scientists. He tells us about harmful flame retardant chemicals, and how industry misused his study on the efficacy of these chemicals. And Professor Jonathan Marks outlines the controversy between a genetic researcher and the Havasupai Indians, who live at the bottom of the Grand Canyon. Get more information and links to background information and resources on our episodes page.

More background, resources and links on our episodes page.

Episode 5 Promo-Blinded by Science

cool_R_orbit_posterWhat happens when science is distorted, unethical, or just plain nutty? Three stories of science gone wrong.

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Vyto Babrauskas was the first person to earn a PhD. in fire science. But he says that for decades, the chemical industry misused his study and distorted the science, to promote their flame retardant chemicals. Anthropologist Jonathan Marks describes what happened when scientists used blood samples from a Native American tribe for studies the tribe had no knowledge of. And we hear the story of a renegade geoengineer from Jim Thomas of the ETC Group, who also gives us a geoengineering quiz. Can you guess which project is NOT an actual proposal for cooling the planet?  Listen to Blinded by Science, next time, on Before You Leap.